Software Delivered & Installed

Shopping Carts & Ecommerce Solutions
Intuitive and user friendly, making the process as convenient as possible for your shoppers
All functions of shopping carts and checkouts, payment gateway and transaction systems, off the shelf or catered to suit. XLtech have been in the online sales industry since the 1990s, our imaginative and innovative initiatives in ecommerce have been adapted and emulated by leading international enterprises
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Interactive Graphs & Dynamic Charts
Charting your performance in real time through moving pictures
Exploit the insight and immediate comprehension of all your complex data at a glance, delivering the quality of information that enables an immediate grasp of figures and performance. Automated data analytics which can deliver an intuitive understanding for decision making or can return an unbiased overview and objective reports
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Maths & Algorithms, Calculus and Algebraic Computations
Complex solutions and advanced processing
The team at XLtech provide solutions to abstract algorithmic calculations, advanced digital problem solving and the design of mathematical processes. Algorithms and programmable loops which can be adjusted by the user to accomodate a variety of parameters, aiding in the planning to meet goals and prepare for events. Ultimately destined for delivery and implementation into real world environments.
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Graphics & Image Manipulation Software
Software to suit for the management of your digital imagery
Create and collate graphics and illustrations on the fly, assemble compound images or navigate through a sequence of parameters to serve up solutions to your visual requirements. Automated manipulation of images.
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Database & Data Matching
Field matching and cross indexation of database records to reveal significant linkages
Cross checking and index referencing for an unprecedented quality of data analysis, generating reports which deliver powerful oversight while revealing hidden relationships between data sets. Avail yourself of dynamic investigative tools and data mining capabilities for optimal security and enhanced performance.
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Administrative Consoles, Content Management Systems & Dashboards
The apparatus to manage your own affairs in your own time
Intuitive and user friendly, optimized for a straight forward and uncomplicated management of all your assets, accounts and sales, stock and inventory, rosters and staff. Click and control administration dashboards which enable complete command and omnipresent overview of your enterprise in real time. Designed and built to suit, with the emphasis on reducing time and expense.
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Financial Management Software
Dynamic data management systems liberate staff from the mundane duties of accounts and ledgers, while ensuring flawless digital efficiency and enabling the delivery of comprehensive minute to minute reports. Powerful new applications to analyze and collate, the ability to make decisions with full confidence that your are in complete command of figures and facts.
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Digital Help Desks & Automated Customer Assistance
Unique to each enterprise and designed to suit
Smart systems which can solve the majority of your clients issues without the involvement of staff, built on multiple platforms and technologies, with a view to fine tune and make modifications as your needs evolve. Accessed through your company website, localized apps or even a good old fashioned phone call, avail your enterprise of the capacity to assist customers and to trouble shoot, in the most cost effective ways.
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Automated Emails & Newsletters
The scope and reach to connect and communicate
Quick reply emails, sent for confirmations and password login, customer reminders, calendar launched or served up according a timetable of parameters. Confirmation messages and account authentications, server launched emails and SMS, calendar synced notifications. Receive auto send emails and SMS notifications upon events, logins and inquiries or whenever suspicious activity is detected. Auto email authentication. Auto compile lists or suggestions and send to clientele.
  • Confirmation emails
  • Password resets & reminders
  • Email newsletters
  • SMS notifications & offers
  • Secure email with two step, double authentication
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Web Based Enterprise Apps, Scalable Architecture & Online Assets
An essential environment
More than just a passive cyber brochure, websites represent an opportunity to establish a biosphere for optimal micromanagement of every enterprise and community. Web based applications are accessible 24/7 and enable stakeholders to enjoy the enhanced functionality of powerful executive & administrative technologies.
  • Enterprise asset management (EAM)
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Supply chain management (SCM)
  • Content management system (CMS)
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