Shopping Carts & Payment Gateway

Ensuring your customers will shop with confidence

Fast, intuitive and user friendly, catered to suit, with the inclusion of options for size and colour, coupon codes and freight. Hassle free carts which make the entire process seamless for the visitor. The shopping cart sequence is often the most vulnerable part of the customer experience, we'll eliminate any and all shopping cart bugs that frustrate your clientele and affect conversion of visitors to sales.

A dynamic, application driven website will provide the greatest return on any investment you will ever make. Digital systems can relieve staff of countless hours effort and will provide management with a comprehensive overview of performance measures in real time. Add a database to your web based applications and you can leave the most demanding tasks to your online systems, they'll work quietly in the background, doing all the heavy lifting and returning the sort of real dividends that only the most efficient enterprises can expect.

Database & Info Management

Powerful data management systems deliver crystal clear vision in real time

Improving your capacity to service clientele and manage resources. Delivering an enhanced level of efficiency by supporting staff through the availability of internet based systems, accessible from anywhere 24/7. Introducing website based automation that integrates seamlessly with your day to day workflow.

Real time updates and feeds are made possible through the use of defined queries, bundled into coherent data sets aimed at providing the quality of knowledge and information essential to judicious decision making.

Project goals are defined, to be achieved through the leverage delivered by strong data & shrewd analytics

  • Collation of your data & management of information resources
  • Immediate analysis as source feeds continue to return real time updates
  • Database administration delivering the luxury of omnipresent control
  • Data matching and cross checking for optimal forensic analysis & accountability

Responsive Browser Friendly Websites

  • Fully responsive & browser friendly
  • Uniquely designed for your enterprise's specific needs
  • Select from a portfolio of website designs or individually styled to suit
  • Decades of web design experience across our highly skilled team
  • We provide custom designed and purpose built or off the shelf, budget websites
Whether you're redeveloping an old site or starting from scratch, you'll appreciate the flexibility to make modifications and fine tune your new website as it integrates its way into your existing workflow. You'll find unexpected ways to add value to your new online assets, while making the management console and content management system, ever more user friendly to suit your unique needs.

All our websites are built to render perfectly in today's wide range of browsers, intuitive and responsive, they are fluid in their layout and find their form to display effortlessly on any device. Your new website can also be engineered to offer a completely different experience on smart phone, tablet or desktop computer. You may require various versions determined by browser, location or time of day.

Content Management Systems

Minding your own business, on your own time, in your own way

The opportunity to change content on your website at your discretion, update any part of your online presence at any time, a liberating facility which affords you the freedom to alter your message, details and particulars

Immediate updates of price changes and hours of operation, fine tuning the products and services on offer while remaining sensitive and responsive to the change of your industry's environmentals


  • Organic or proscribed rosters and duty lists
  • Shared accessibility through staff logins
  • Editable through levels of assigned priviliges
  • Community bulletin boards
  • Secure broadcasts and file sharing
  • Immediate updates to pricing and product specifications
  • Instant catalogs & recommendations for each client

Logins, Forms & Registrations

Useraccounts and customer logins, checkout systems, subscription and enrolments, member registrations and fully automated client assistance gadgets, password resets and reminders via email or SMS, tailor made consoles for mangement and staff, multiple levels of access and security. Add to the scope and viability of your enterprise, as community members contribute the parameters intended to suit their needs.

Secure & Confirm Via 2 Step Email & SMS Authentication

Interconnectivity between platforms and real time updates, data in and data out, making your digital assets immediately available to stakeholders while maintaining the currency of your precious data on the fly. Receive auto email or SMS notifications on event, upon successful logins and applications.

Online Auctions

XL Tech install the systems which allow you as administrator, to host unlimited internet based auctions. Quick to set the parameters and define your next auction, easy to manage, including the facility to notify, remind and advise your client base. Subscriber notifications are sent and the payment gateway is ready to transact.

Build it and they will come, set the reserve, the time and the place, sit back and relax. Sold. Too easy? You bet, highest bidder pays, vendor collects

Algorithms & Advanced Processing


The team at XL Tech are skilled at embedding intelligence into your apps and services, achieving the type of website hosted ecosystem which puts your enterprise into the driver's seat, engaging clients and collaborating with partners to meet the most demanding objectives. Databases empower a business in a way that the most dedicated teams of staff can only aspire to emulate. Web hosted apps attend to your clients, well after office hours and throughout the long weekend.
  • Websites and online assets that are easily managed, agile as they adapt to environmental changes and scalable into the future
  • Enjoy mutually beneficial interactions and exploit symbiotic relationships with stakeholders, partners and clients
  • Web based systems that operate flawlessly in the background, serving your clients and stakeholders
  • We specialize in designing and building, installing and continually improving the class of website apps which yield dividends and produce tangible results
  • Barcode and scan your inventory and assets for up to date wherabouts and status in real time
  • Custom built open source plugins or proprietary programming solutions which are catered to suit

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