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Ethical Web Design, Keeping It Clean
Specializing in best standards, efficient markup code that loads fast and provides a hassle free experience to site visitors, intuitive to use and cross browser friendly
I can trim HTML and CSS markup to a fraction of the existing script, it will make your website faster to use and more attractive to search engines, the sort of SEO which begins with tidying up what you've already got, I'm amazed at how much clutter that there is on the internet, in terms of redundant code, incomplete markup and sloppy html, sluggish and unpleasant, in many cases turning visitors completely off.
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Fast Websites Designed and Installed
No frills? No worries
Get your website published and online within 24 hours, fast and efficient, no hidden costs, develop your website on a pay as you play basis, you can add bits at your own pace, no reasonable offer refused, but be quick!
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Web Designer
Rockin & reelin web design, HTML that hops, browsing with a beat, shopping carts that sing
Just because a website is built to efficiently conduct a serious business, doesn't mean that it can't be funky, make use of every creative technology to make the online experience engaging and entertaining for your community and client base
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App Developer
All platforms of App, smart, agile, scalable, designed to evolve
Every business requires a range of Apps to engage their customer base and to support their staff. Apps designed to assist in lowering overheads, achieve aspirational goals and implement best practises, making a genuine contribution to your ecosystem. User friendly Apps to suit individual needs, providing the reach for your enterprise to grow and evolve, while delivering real dividends to stakeholders and clientele.
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Ecommerce Specialist
Selling through the internet, smart trade & exchange systems, secure transactions
Do not ask me to make you rich, clearly I work for a living and haven't the answer. What I will do however, is to ensure that your shoppers have a seamless experience and that you are afforded the most practicable opportunities to retain your customer base. Your products and services are quantified and categorized, defined into your new database and cross indexed for a user friendly shopping environment, a secure bank connection is established and payment gateway installed, you are now ready to start selling online.
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Mobile Device Specialist
A nimble and intuitive mobile experience for visitors on the go
Greetings from pocket browser land! Portable hand held devices are the new norm, most everyone on the train at peak hour is entertained by their mobile, a large part are surfing the net, spending most of their time where they can interact with a mobile friendly experience. Successful sites are more than just about layout and design, truly effective content must respond intutively to the needs and expectation of visitors.
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Full Stack Developer
Professional creative design & development
Let's start with a concept and a style to determine the approach and define a schedule to achieve the quality of website which delivers a fulfilling and satisfying experience to all your stakeholders and visitors. A great website can be built in stages, beginning with mission statements, blog and contact page, evolving and expanding into a complete ecommerce system that dynamically supports members and processes orders.
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Enterprise Web Development
Managing the nuts & bolts to bring all departments into complete harmony
Establish the scale and scope of environment that connects suppliers with management, sales to support teams, tech department and office staff, frontline and back end, all working together through an omnipresent network. Essential for any enterprise of scale, the digital architecture which enables management to maintain complete control of human resources and inventory, supply chains and accounts.
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